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The moles

No matter what anyone says, revenge is always beautiful


Motion Picture  -   110 minutes  -_cc781905-5cde- 3194_bbf58d_end

Shooting time: 25. August - 20. September

Written and directed by Aziz Alaca

Production: Ankara Film House - Fuat Salman

DOP: Iman Tahsin


Ahmet volunteers to be a mole in another criminal organization. The leader of this organization, Cevdet, is the owner of several clubs. Handan, the young clup girl working in one of them. She wants quit her job and become a brothel patroness.  Belkıs , who runs one of Cevdet's club, is asked to fix her.   Handan, who survived the tyranny of Belkıs, convinces the big boss Cevdet for this brothel. This luxury brothel will aim to gather intelligence for Cevdet from his rivals and the police.


However, Cevdet has a request. He is not sure about the loyalty of a young man named Ahmet, who will join his organization. Handan reveals that he is actually a mole.


She is now Cevdet's mole hunter with the name Sabine. 


Destiny crosses her path with Belkıs once again after many years.

Anchor Germiyan
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